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Friday, April 26, 2013

What NOT to tell your kids about pregnancy

Tadi saje gugel info pasal pregnancy, sebab nak tahu perkembangan
baby week by week. Tadi ada call firefly tanya brape minggu pregnant
lady tak boleh naik flight. Rupa-rupanya 35 minggu dan ke atas dah tak
boleh naik, before 35 minggu boleh naik dengan ada nya refer letter dari
doktor cakap kita sihat dan kandungan sihat. Bukan apa, ingat nak beli tiket balik
kampung time cuti hari Malaysia bln september nnt...dalam dilema dah ni,
sebab check punya check rupanya time tu i dah masuk 33 minggu..
Cam risau plk nk travel jauh2..tapi rasa macam nak balik kampung...
adui dilema cheq, tambah plk time tu tiket murah uols..jarang kot
firefly buat promo. Tapi tulah keadaan perot plk time tu macam tak mengizinkan..
Gugel punya gugel lagi terjumpa article What not to tell your kids about
pregnancy ni..macam menarik, so i share la kt blog ni...copy paste je dari sini.

1.    When I was in labor with you…
Be careful what you say about your pregnancy and birth with your older baby. Painting a picture, even if it’s true, that it was scary, hurtful or otherwise less than wonderful needs to be done very carefully, particularly at an age appropriate manner. Think about the purpose of what you’re trying to say to your child. Are you trying to talk about what women go through in labor? Practice some vocalizations with your child instead. Are you trying to convey that labor is hard work? Talk about things you do that are hard work. Just be careful not to have your child feel like he or she is associated with anything that is awful and painful. (There are certainly conversations you can have about your feelings and pain with older children in a way that separates the birth from themselves.)- Macam pernah jer tercerita kat Aqeef huhu..saat2 lahirkan dia, dengan harapan dia tak kan susahkan i..huhu
2.    The baby made mommy sick.
Let’s not start the baby’s life out with a bad case of sibling rivalry. Sure, there are lot of things that mommy will experience in pregnancy that can be “blamed” on the baby, but it’s really better to put it another way. An example might be: When mommy is pregnant, sometimes her stomach doesn’t feel so good. You might explain exhaustion and lack of playing in a similar way: Mommy’s tired because when you’re pregnant your body is working really hard.- hehe~ memang tak elok bagitahu baby kan sebab macam kita anggap dia adalah satu beban pulak...humm hati2!
3.    Mommy ate a watermelon seed.
Along with the above, letting your child think that mommy ate something, that’s just downright dangerous. It can also have your child in tears as they accidentally swallow fruits seeds. Or perhaps they get disappointed when they don’t get pregnant too.- Haha i penah dengar orang cite macam ni kat anak dia time preggy hihi...ingatkan dah cukup comel lah tu jawapan untuk anak..yelah anak2 tengah membesar kan felik2 soklan mereka...=) be ready ya mommy
4.    The new baby is going to take your room.
If you have to move your older child out of a room or out of a bed to make room for a new baby, be sure it’s not something you blame on the new baby. In fact, it’s best to do it as far in advance as you can so that the two are not connected. You might reframe it as: You are getting to be such a big kid, now you get the privilege of sleeping in a big kid bed.- i rasa i tak kan cakap kot macam ni kat aqeef, macam kejam sangat je...sian si abang long nnt
5.   Mommy swallowed the baby.
For a young child, the belly grows and the baby grows. They know the basics that when you eat food, it goes down your throat and into your belly. Therefore, mommy must have gotten pregnant by swallowing the baby- kikiki jangan momokkan anak2 ngan cerita2 karut, takot kesan dia sampai depa beso..
6.    The baby is going to come out of mommy’s belly button.
Yikes! I’d be afraid to have a baby come out of my belly button. I have talked to a couple people who been told this as kids, as a way to avoid discussing where babies really come out… They weren’t very happy about it. It’s just best to be vague if you’re not ready to discuss vaginal birth or cesarean birth. - haha ni memang i pon penah pikir macam ni time budak2 dulu...sunggoh time tu mmg pk baby tu kluar ikut pusat mak! OMG @_@
NotaKakiKu: ingat! what you say has impact, so pk dulu sebelum cakap..
tapi kadang2 memang terlepas cakap kan..hehe~
lepas tu barulah nk Oooppsss!!! menyesal tak sudah...^_^



  1. Huhuu...pengalaman na naik flight time preggy agak xbest la Lily...lagi2 klau naik flight yg kecik cam Firefly sbb plane dia kan jenis propeler...even naik Air Asia pon Na terasa kecut perut time take off and landing...kejang jap perut...mujur time blk dr sabah tu dpt flight besar skit so xterasa sgt...huhuuu..

    tu la kot sebabnya pregnant lady not been advise to board the plane...huhuu

    1. memang pon Na, tapi tulah terpaksa pilih firefly sebab airport dekat ngan umah, klo LCCT tu jenuh nk pergi ngan si kenit tu..klo papa ada ok la hehe~
      Harga pon Firefly lagi mahal dari AirAsia biasanya..tapi macam dah xde pilihan huhu

      Sekarang pon macam dah terbiasa ngan gegaran2 Firefly hehe memang kurang selesa la skit, namapon pakai kipas...haha..macam tak caya pakai kipas leh terbang tinggi...kikiki

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